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Filmstrip of images of New York City Landmarks, including the Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Terminal, and the Coney Island Parachute Jump HEAR THE PLACES
Bethesda Terrace, Trinity Church, Battery Promenade, Louis Armstrong House...
Agnes Gund, Marty Markowitz, Adrian Benepe, Betsy Palmer...

New York as you've never heard it before! Prominent New Yorkers describe their favorite works of art and culture, architecture, and city landmarks. Hear politicians, actors, artists, business and community leaders use Verbal Description to make New York's visual culture accessible to all—including people with visual impairments.

What is Verbal Description?
A way of using words to represent the visual world. It helps people who are blind or visually impaired to form mental images of what they cannot see, and provides a new perspective for people with sight.

NEW YORK BEYOND SIGHT is the latest project from Art Beyond Sight/Art Education for the Blind (AEB) that fulfills its unique mission. It recently received a Jodi Awards "Commendation for Compelling Content."  Learn more about the Jodi Awards and this commendation, see:

For recorded descriptions of historic London buildings, visit

For more than 25 years, Art Beyond Sight/Art Education for the Blind (AEB)  has created ways for people without sight to understand art, to appreciate art, and to be affected by art – art usually thought of as purely visual.

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